Dragon Boat Club Expansion Plans

Dragon Boat Club Expansion Plans

The Club de bateau dragon de la Capitale (CBDC) has a full summer schedule, with plans of expansion projects ahead. Starting with the purchase of a second boat.

“Our plan is to buy a second boat in 2014, which will cost about $13,000. Sponsors who are willing to make the purchase are being sought after. For now, the six teams who train at Lac Saint-Augustin use the boat without respite, Monday to Thursday. We want to develop the sport in Quebec and allow people to have access at a reasonable price,” says Jean-Philippe Hudon, president of the nonprofit organization.

“Having a second boat will allow us to remove the last time slot of the evening, when it starts to get dark in August,” adds Daniel Malenfant, one of the four coaches of the club.

The CBDC was able to get their hands on the first dragon boat with a sponsorship that allowed the first Quebec team to receive a boat. The team with the Vise-à-vie is composed of female survivors of breast cancer. Apart from Vise-à-vie, five other teams make up the club, they are mixed, male or female, in the community and elite classes.

The club’s season (www.bateaudragonquebec.com) has begun and will continue until mid-September. Newcomers are welcome and there is a possibility to create teams, if enough people show interest.

“Every team participates in on average four to five competitions that are held at the Olympic Basin in Montreal. This is the ideal place to hold boat races, because everything is standardized in terms of distances and there is no current, “explains the president of CBDC. The first competition is scheduled on June 8 in the Lachine Canal in Montreal.

Competitions in Quebec?

As for the possibility of holding competitions in Quebec, several conditions must be met before it is possible. “The City of Saint-Augustin has passed a resolution that has provided access to the lake, but it will take much more that tat. It takes us an open and clear with buoys to define the distance”, calculates Mr. Hudon.

“A competition can gather 400 people, where 20 teams, for example. It’s hard to have a body of water in Quebec that could accommodate so many people, because the lakes are quite private.  Discussions have to be made with Mayor Corriveau,” says Daniel Malenfant.

Once the season ended, club officials must take a special trailer to Trois-Rivières to store the boat for the winter. “It is certain that it would be easier if we had an official place of storage inside, and if you bought a special trailer. But this is an investment to make,” says Jean-Philippe Hudon.
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