Dramatic escape from Orsainville prison

Dramatic escape from Orsainville prison
The escaped trio currently on the run.

The escaped trio currently on the run

Saturday night June 7th, was a special occasion for three inmates being held on murder charges to escape from their jail cells in a detention centre just north of Quebec City. The evasion was obviously well-planned because the three men had a helicopter waiting in the wings to swoop them away.

It all went down around 7:30 pm when a low flying helicopter touched down behind the prison where the three men were waiting to be picked up, they then took off in a westward direction into the sunset. The three escapees are all from the Abitibi region of Québec and are known to police as drug smugglers and being part of a Hell’s Angels chapter. They were in jail waiting for a trial on a murder charge which took place in 2009.

Every police force in the province, including the RCMP, and some others from eastern Ontario are on high alert and have begun the search for the three individuals on a country wide cooperative seek and find mission. The Army base close to the prison has also offered to help in the search by using their RADAR to track down the helicopter landing site which is believed to be in the western part of the province. The police have issued a warning to the general public that the three men could be armed and are considered dangerous and if anyone should recognize them to immediately call 911.

This is the second time in just over a year that a helicopter has been used in a prison bust in the Province: last year in March a chopper was hijacked and forced at gun point to land and pick up some inmates at a minimum security prison in St. Jerome, just east of Montreal. That particular escape was short lived as the helicopter and its 2 passengers were quickly found and everyone was taken back to their cells without incident.

Le Centre de Détention d’Orsainville, where the latest “bust” went down, is a medium security prison run by the provincial government. The three men on the run are Denis Lefebvre 53, Yves Denis 35, and Serge Pomerleau 49.

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