Drug trafficker’s mother suing city for police brutality

Drug trafficker’s mother suing city for police brutality

Quebec City (Quebec) 23 September 2015 – The mother of an illegal drug trafficker has launched a lawsuit against nine different police officers from the SPVQ (Quebec City Police) for using excessive force and humiliation.

It all happened on September 17, 2012 when police officers followed her son home late one night and entered her apartment to arrest the son. Police were met by her husband branding an unloaded crossbow which led to more police being called to the scene.

The event turned into an all out brawl between the family and the police. Police used their batons to subdue some members of the family, including the mother.

The mother, Mrs. Marlène Bertani, claims to have been assaulted, punched in the face and beaten with the police baton on her lower back. She also claims the police indecently attempted to undress her, called her names like “damn pig” (maudite cochonne) and after being handcuffed led her to a police vehicle wearing no shoes.

The accusations of Mrs. Bertani’s involvement in the drug trafficking charges were later rescinded when her son and husband pleaded guilty to several charges of drug possession and trafficking. She was initially arrested as an accomplice to a crime.

Mrs. Bertani is suing the city and the SPVQ for $140,000 which includes $50,000 to exemplify the situation.

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