Duchesses Return to the Winter Carnival

Duchesses Return to the Winter Carnival

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, the Quebec Winter Carnival is bringing back the Duchesses. The popular event will help spread the festivities of the Carnival throughout the greater Quebec City area  from 31 January to 16 February.

After 18 years of absence, the Duchesses will make their comeback in the next edition of the Carnival . The festivities and crowning will take place on the Plains of Abraham, but there will be different activities around the city from boulevard Grande Allée down to 3e Avenue in Limoilou, to get the whole city in the spirit.

The president of the Carnival wanted to bring back the “Duchesses” concept as part of a nostalgic gesture and at the same time bring back some of the lustre that the Carnival has lost in recent years. Everyone liked voting for their Carnival Queen, but there was a lot of controversy in the past few years about girls being in contests which led to the cancellation of the pageant.

The contest is open to young women aged between 18 and 35 years old. To be eligible, they must  among others things, reside in the Quebec City area or even be from as far away as the Beauce, far south of the city. Each candidate must also submit a unique project she would like to achieve in order to become one of the seven Carnival Duchesses.

Each Duchess must raise a minimum of $ 1,000 and a maximum of $ 2,000 through the funding platform La Ruche, to fund its participatory project. This can be a festive activity, an outdoor banquet, etc… as long as it’s for a charity.

This year, the contest is only open to young women. The organizers want to make it quite clear that this is not a beauty contest and don’t demand any photographic references, only the idea of a great project that can help someone or some group to achieve a humanitarian good deed.

The Quebec Winter Carnival has been a winter attraction in the Province since 1954.

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