Due to Lack of Funds, Some Ice Rinks Closed in Daytime

Due to Lack of Funds, Some Ice Rinks Closed in Daytime

Quebec City (Quebec) 1 March 2015 – Despite March Break beginning tomorrow for thousands of students in the region, some of the Charlesbourg’s ice rinks will not be opening during the daytime this week.  While most rinks across the city will be open from 10AM onwards, skating rinks at Lyonnais, Chabot, Henri-Casault, and possibly other parks will remain closed until 4:30PM.

Ice rink openings are usually funded by the City for all districts, however the extra opening hours on holidays and March Break are not included in this budget.  It therefore falls on local boroughs to fund the extra opening hours – something not always possible on the shoestring budgets available for parks.  Opening a rink at 10AM rather than the usual 4:30PM on weekdays costs about 500$ for the week, which is simply more than some local park budgets can bear.

It is worth noting that the majority of the city’s skating rinks are still open during the day this week.

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