Dufour-Lapointe Sisters get Jean Coutu Cosmetic Sponsorship

Dufour-Lapointe Sisters get Jean Coutu Cosmetic Sponsorship

Quebec City (Quebec) September 29, 2014 – Those three sisters from Lac Beauport who were so outstanding at the latest Olympics in Sochi have signed another contract to sponsor a product, this time for Groupe Jean Coutu’s cosmetic products sold under the brand name “Personnelle Cosmétiques”

Justine, Maxime, and Chloé have already signed with Saputo, The Bay, and Alto to promote their products and now we’ll be seeing their portraits in our local Jean Coutu pharmacies. The sisters have signed on for 5 years. Their attitude towards everything is so positive and friendly that Jean Coutu stores are confident their presence will help sell their products to a large public.

The contract will, at the same time, help finance the sister’s sport ambitions for the next five years as well as promote the cosmetic products.

The three sisters shared gold and silver medals in the Sochi winter Olympics in the Acrobatic Skiing competitions and with their pleasant personalities, completely bilingualism, and charming looks, who could refuse to be anything but motivated by anything these three could endorse?

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