Early Festibière Curfew Draws Ire of Patrons

Early Festibière Curfew Draws Ire of Patrons

Quebec City (Quebec) August 17, 2014 – Late-night beer amateurs attending the Festibière, held at l’Espace 400e this weekend, were hit with an unexpected surprise when trying to fill up their glasses past 10:15PM, as they learned that this year, taps closed early.  The annual beer festival had closed taps at 11PM in its past years, but this year, brewers have had their curfew imposed 45 minutes earlier.

The directive comes from city hall, which hopes to limit the intake of alcohol late at night in the area. The Espace 400e is not a bar, and it’s the city’s wish to prevent Festibière attendees from getting too rowdy. Although the site remains open until 11PM for those finishing their beer, the “gradual close” has drawn the ire of some festival-goers.

Brewers have reported that, although many of them understand the city’s directive, some of the patrons present have been less understanding, often arguing with booth-holders to reopen their taps despite clear indications that taps were closed.

This change was made worse by the fact that most brewers present had reserved – and paid for – their place before the city announced it’s plans to stop sales early, exposing local brewers to lost profits. The Festibière therefore had to compensate these brewers. Despite this, however, the Festibière says it has no intention of leaving the Espace 400e for another location in future years.

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