Early start to ski season interrupted at Stoneham

Early start to ski season interrupted at Stoneham

Stoneham (Quebec) 18 November 2014 – Last Monday we posted that the ski centres in and around Quebec City had started up their 2014 season earlier than ever with even more hills open than usual for this time of year.

All that has come to an end however, at least temporarily, for one of the centres; namely Stoneham.

Although Stoneham was able to open early, the company who owns the ski hill, Resorts of the Canadian Rockies, was in negotiation with its unionized employees concerning the usual salary, and working conditions criteria.

At 5:10 pm on the evening of November 26 the company made a final and generous offer to the union who categorically refused the deal, forcing the ski centre to impose a lockout 20 minutes later at 5:30 pm.

Since there is a lockout in force for the 150 employees who help run the centre, the slopes will be shut down until some sort of agreement can be reached, meaning there will be no skiing at Stoneham this weekend.

The employees involved are those who groom the slopes, operate the lifts, and do the ski patrolling.

The employees claim they are paid 20% less than their counterparts at Mont Ste. Anne, which is owned by the same company.

The restaurants and administration at the centre remain open and operational; you just won’t be able to ski.

The employees are upset over the situation and claim they are ready to go back to work at a minute’s notice and didn’t see the lock-out coming.

As soon as the conditions are met by both parties the centre will reopen.

In the meantime skiers will have to resort to using Mont Ste. Anne or going to Le Massif in Charlevoix, or until some other smaller centres like Le Relais, start their season.

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