Easter Bunny hits the streets of Old Quebec!

Easter Bunny hits the streets of Old Quebec!

by Elizabeth Davies  

Believe it or not, but it IS Easter weekend, not Christmas!  This year Easter Bunny will be wearing a “tuque” and his snowshoes when he comes around with his basket of goodies! 

Nevertheless, if you are looking for something different to do for Easter this year, try an egg hunt in the historic city! It can be enjoyed by “children” of all ages! If the egg hunt is a tradition in your family and the kids can practically outguess all the hiding places; expand your boundaries and make it fun and educational!!   Tiny Old Québec is overflowing with  intricate details that can feed your imagination.  Scavenger hunts are very popular with schools, tourists, and citizens alike  throughout the year in the Old City. 

Designate someone as the Easter Bunny who will hide the eggs and make a list of clues according to the age of the children. It is not recommended to hide them the night before for they might not be there the next day! Choose public places; such as parks, statues, monuments, churches, schools etc. Cannons are great for the young.

Recipe for coloured eggs:  ½ teaspoon of vinegar per ½ cup of boiling water; food colour preparation, hard-boiled eggs. Add 20 drops of  each colour into 4 different cups. Let egg sit in cup for a minute or two. You can be creative by mixing colours or dipping half the egg in one colour and the other half in another colour. A prize or an amount of money can be marked on egg.

You can choose either the upper town, which is within the fortifications up to the Château Frontenac, you can have fun in the lower town, Place Royale district.


In the Place d’Armes area( just in front of the Château Frontenac)

Gothic style fountain with Faith monument dedicated to the Recollets=early missionaries who arrived with Champlain in 1615

Samuel de Champlain’s monument= the founder of Québec City in 1608

Many spots to hide an egg on the “castle” = Chateau Frontenac, the most photographed hotel in the world, built in 1892-93 name after Louis de Buade, Count of Frontenac from 1672-1698

Rue du Trésor=artist alley

Saint Louis Street area:

Les Anciens Canadiens (La maison Jacquet), house with red roof on the corner of des Jardins and St. Louis= Oldest house in the upper town, built in 1675 (a perfect example of houses back then)

The Ursuline Convent and private school=first Catholic nuns who arrived in 1639, one of the oldest schools in North America

Cape Diamond area (behind the Château Frontenac) Park Pierre Dugua de Mons=who played a major role in the founding of Québec. (He sent Champlain to establish a permanent colony in New France). This park has the most spectacular view of the city, the St. Lawrence River,  the Laurentian mountains,  the Isle of Orleans and Lévis, absolutely breathtaking! 

Have fun and most of all, HAPPY EASTER!
Article and photos: Elizabeth Davies

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