Eastern Townships Correspondent Joins Team

Eastern Townships Correspondent Joins Team

The time is right for us to spread our wings a little further across the province.
We’ve felt this way for a while now, the difficulty for us was finding the right person to come on board.

We spoke to many people in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, and of all the people we discussed this opportunity with, one immediately stood out.

That person was Sheila Quinn, and here’s why:

Sheila Quinn was born and raised at the meeting of the railroad and the mighty St. Francis River, in Richmond, Quebec.

Incurably curious, Sheila has been known to spend a fair amount of time talking to strangers…who then become friends and allies. She has worked as a youth worker, a frontline mental health intervener, a funeral planner, a radio DJ and producer, a translator, a department store decorator, a high school librarian, and currently spends her work time with the students of Champlain Regional College in Lennoxville, in recreational activities coordinating, as part of the College’s Student Services team.

Growing up with two younger brothers, Sheila has a good repertoire of car noises, and can manage a mean whistle, two things that have come in handy in raising two sons. An avid pop culture follower, Sheila wants to know the story behind the story. Genuine friendliness and attentiveness are key to retaining, distilling and sharing details, and the Eastern Townships have a never-ending supply of features to report on, from historical to sports-oriented, arts to innovation. After many years of community work, through the Eastern Townships’ many MRCs, youth organizations, schools and tourism groups, her love for the area has never waned. Storytelling, digital photography editing, and writing (140 characters and then some) drive her creative spirit.

She has been a columnist with The Sherbrooke Record since 2008, a music writer with Cornershop Studios since 2010, and on the fringe since birth. She is a self-described lifestyle and media architect and a thrift shop archaeologist. She is the mother of two, the step-mother of two, and the den mother of an army. She shares her life in the Eastern Townships with her love, on the shores of Brome Lake.

Sheila’s monthly column will begin shortly. Look out for it on LifeinQuebec.com.

Got a story for Sheila Quinn to report on – please contact Life in Quebec and she’ll take a look at it.

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Sheila Quinn

Sheila Quinn (known as media mum Sheila Q.) is a radio show host, columnist, music-infused, mother of two/stepmother of two, half of DHTV’s Les Curieux media team, den mother, who works for Champlain Regional College in Lennoxville. Sheila Q.’s bucket list tends to be self-sustaining. She has lots of plans.

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