Easy Tips for Apartment Hunting in Québec

Easy Tips for Apartment Hunting in Québec

It is that time of the year. Looking for apartments in full swing now as summer is fast approaching. Time is short, but it is more than necessary to take a moment to list your priorities, evaluate each of the options to find your true dream home.


First take the time to make a list of priorities. A top 5 non-negotiable aspects that the new apartment must have. Heating included? Wheelchair accessible? A large balcony? Or rather a courtyard? Three private rooms? East-west, or not? Every detail is important, says Wendy Pollard, architect and advisor to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

It also helps to prepare a list of locations that are well suited to your needs and other locations that would be a second choice. Do not forget to add essential points that you need to think during visits, such as a Queen size bed, animals allowed or front loading washer and dryer.

How much does it cost?

The budget can change everything. It is essential to determine the level of debt that you are willing to take on, how much money you want to save and how much you will need to maintain your standard of living. Wendy Pollard advised to take note of which services that could reduce costs, such as transportation. If the new building is near the workplace or a bus stop, this must be taken into account during the decision process.


This is the time to scan the classifieds, websites and or ask around in different social networks. It is also the time to go around interesting, but lesser known neighborhoods, to identify services, such as public transport, as to grasp the pulse of the neighborhood, the environment. Ask about the crime rate, the cleanliness of the water if you are in a rural area or the noise level if it is in the city.

Before the visit

Choosing a home is somewhat of an emotional moment. A favorite place does not always meet our expectations or our priorities. The visit is a defining moment where you must respect your lists. As a tenant, you must be prepared with a personal file. It is recommended to check your credit score beforehand because every owner is entitled to enquire about it. Ensure to minimize debts and have on hand recommendation letters from loved ones and employers, especially if one is a student.

The Visit

You should arrive on time, respect the privacy of the present tenants and keep on hand your list of questions for the owner or rental agent. Is parking included? How many pets are allowed? Do we have the right to install a TV antenna? To use the back yard? The tenant must ensure that they have all the answers and a copy of the regulations of the housing.

What does it look like?

The inspection is important. Ensure a full tour of the house to make sure it is intact . Pay particular attention to odors in the home and public areas, signs of staining on the walls and damage to the building. Test the water to see if it flows well and if it is good. Also try the appliances if they are included in the rental.

The Régie du logement emphasizes the importance of the visit and how the resulting information should be included in the lease. The contract must have all the details of changes promises, of repair, etc. It should also include all verbal agreements between the owner and tenant, such as changing the locks for safety or free use of an outdoor shed. In the case of an oral lease, the Régie requires the owner to provide the tenant with a written notice within 10 days of the agreement.

After the visit

Make a record of the visit and analyzed if the home meets all your needs. Take the opportunity to talk to neighbors to see if they are comfortable with the owner, if he answers calls quickly, if repairs are done in a respectable time. You can also make a second appointment to visit the property at another time of day to determine the brightness level, or the presence of small animals or insects, if doubts persist.

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