‘Edgar et ses Fantômes’ is back

‘Edgar et ses Fantômes’ is back

We were invited to the dress rehearsal of ‘Edgar 2 et ses Fantômes’, so Job Patstone went along for Life in Québec.

When a play has a successful run like ‘Edgar et ses Fantômes’ had back in 2010, with 90 representations and 85,000 spectators, it kind of gives you the feeling it will come around again eventually, and that time has finally come. ‘Edgar 2 (like in take 2) et ses Fantômes’ is coming and it’s bigger and better than ever.

If you missed it the first time, it’s a simple story about a man called Edgar, played by none other than Edgar Fruitier ( a well known Quebec theater and television actor) and a good friend Catherine, played by Catherine Perrin (also well known from the stage) both of whom are obsessed with music and its composers.

With some help from Catherine they actually end up talking to some of the great musicians and composers from the past as they appear in the form of ghosts. The play includes music from people like Verdi, Hayden, Tchaikovsky and even Gershwin all of whom drop by to chat with Edgar himself.

When speaking to tenor Keven Geddes, a Quebec City opera star, he made it quite clear that the play however is not a musical but rather a play with lots of beautiful music.

Except for the two main characters, it’s a whole new cast this time around with some touch ups to the script by Emmanuel Reichenbach and a new stage director in the likes of the well known Michèle Deslauriers.

Musical director Jean-Pascal Hamelin has beefed up the music with the hopes of the audience wanting to join in whenever they can.

All the great composers like Verdi, played by Sébastien Dhavernas, Hayden, played by Antoine Durand and Tchaikovsky, played by Jean-François Blanchard show up to discuss their music with Edgar, and even Gershwin, played by Gilbert Lachance drops by to add a little Charleston dancing to the group.

Of course there’s the Maestro, Jean-Pascal Hamelin, the soprano Myriam Leblanc and last but not least the tenor, played by Keven Geddes who, with their powerful voices bring the music to life.

The cast acted out three scenes from the play during the rehearsal to give us an ‘avant-gout’ of what it will look like on stage.

And just in case you’re wondering, when I asked Edgar Fruitier how long he had been in show-business, he simply answered by saying, “I’m 87 and I started when I was 15, so go figure” so he’s still pretty sharp.

Edgar 2 et ses Fantômes, will be playing in Quebec City at the Grand Théatre from November 28 to December 2nd, and tickets are available through billetech or le Grand Théatre.

It will also be in Montreal at the Salle Pierre-Mercure from October 19 to October 29.

The same play will be presented in Paris early next year under the title ‘Patrick et ses Fantômes’ with a different cast where the lead character is obviously being played by some chap named Patrick (Patrick Poivre d’Arvor). We ‘tip our hats’ to the cast and crew of this ‘made in Quebec’ production.

Job Patsone for LifeinQuebec.


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