Educ’alcool proud of rapid change in mentality

Educ’alcool proud of rapid change in mentality

Quebec City (Quebec) 26 May 2015 – Quebec’s alcohol prevention association known as Educ’alcool, is satisfied with the recent results of their anti-drinking campaigns and even more specifically, the difference in the last few years of the way in which the Québécois celebrate their national holiday.

The holiday, which is called La St. Jean or La fête national des Québécois, is celebrated every year on the 24th of June and up until 2010 was pretty much a drinking binge which started the evening of the 23rd with a huge bonfire and went on into the night with everyone ending up passed out or sleeping on the green grass of the Plains of Abraham until noon the next day.

2010 was a particularly bad year for the reputation of the event and since then the police, together with the city and Educ’alcool have placed restrictions on how much alcohol can be consumed during the celebrations. Road blocks were set-up, bars were asked to stop selling alcohol after a certain hour and police patrolled the streets for abusers of the laws concerning the drinking of alcohol in public places.

The group is glad that since 2010 the amount of drinking has decreased remarkably and underline the fact that it has only taken five years for people to understand that not only their health is affected but also the reputation of the city.

Educ’alcool determined that in 2011, 55% of the younger participants at the bonfire were from out of town forcing them to expand their anti- drinking campaign to the surrounding districts as well as in the city itself. Recent statistics show that the drinking level has decreased from 8.6 litres per person in the province to 8.4 in the last year and from a level of 8.9 just two years ago.

Quebec remains however on the top of the list for the per capita alcohol consumption in Canada with 83% of Quebecers over 15 drinking alcohol as compared to a National level of 76%.

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