Eight liquor licenses for Videotron Centre

Eight liquor licenses for Videotron Centre

Compass Group, which has partnered with Quebecor to manage operations in the amphitheater, has asked for eight liquor license for Videotron Centre.

“I can confirm that they are the first applications for permits in the amphitheater. As to the number that will be required for the whole amphitheater, I cannot confirm it. We are in discussions with the Régie des alcohols, des courses et des jeux (RACJ) to establish the exact number, “said the spokesman of Quebecor Martin Tremblay Friday.

Of the eight requested permits, six permits bar “with dancing authorization” and “consumption in the stands” were requested, we learn in a public notice from the board. There is one for each level, said the spokesman of the RACJ Joyce Tremblay.

“It is simply to have the types of relevant permits for the type of operations we are going to do in the amphitheater. It may be that there are events that will ensure that the public is going to dance if we had such a DJ event where people will dance each floor in the amphitheater, one must have this type of allowed there, “said Martin Tremblay.

Besides the stands, these licenses allow alcohol consumption in the “corporate suites, restaurants and bars in the corridors near moving counters, the lobby, the press gallery, artists’ dressing rooms players and referees, “it said in the notice.

Compass Group has also applied for a license for a bar “lounge” and another in the building that will house the offices of the TVA network, adjacent to the amphitheater.

Other restaurants or franchises that will be granted in the amphitheater will also get a liquor license.

“Hypothetically, if ever there was a Cage aux Sports, they should submit their own applications for permits and restaurant bar,” says Joyce Tremblay.

Asking about future concessions and restaurants, the spokesman of Quebecor was very open. “We are in discussions with several stakeholders for now.”

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