Elderly couple bound and robbed

Elderly couple bound and robbed

Quebec City (Quebec) 18 November 2014 – An elderly couple in their 70’s were attacked, tied up and robbed in their home last night around 8pm.

The husband called police explaining what had happened and then ran out to their daughters place, who lives next door. The whole thing took place on Ave. Du Château in the Château Bonne Entente area in Ste. Foy, Quebec City.

Upon arriving at their daughter’s house the man was still covered with duck tape and their daughter was concerned her father was going to suffocate. According to the 70 year old man, there were three assailants who entered the house with a gun, restrained them using duck tape and then proceeded to rob them of Christmas gifts, jewelry and money.

Witnesses saw three individuals leave in a black Ford vehicle around the time of the incident.

The seventy year old gentleman said he recognized the voice of one of the intruders raising suspicion that he may be someone who works in the real estate business like himself.

Police cordoned off the area setting up a security perimeter and brought in a sniffer dog together with an identification team.

The daughter, who has two young children, was naturally concerned for her kids and for her parents at the same time.

At the time of posting it is not known the value of the goods stolen nor is there any indication of who may have committed the crime. Police have started an inquiry into the case.

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