Electric Cars at the New York International Auto Show

Electric Cars at the New York International Auto Show

By Shaun Shaw

Although New York City may be quite a distance from Quebec, the annual New York International Auto Show is representative of a trend happening right here in Quebec City: electric cars. A main focus of this years show, the electric car trend is taking over the industry and quickly.

Electric cars now outpace Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles in new car sales, and with an available rebate of up to $8,000 on a new lease or purchase, and even $4,000 on an eligible used electric car, who can say no? With no less than 15 models currently available, and more from the major manufacturers on the way, the choices are increasing. Cars, SUVs and even 1,900 horsepower sports cars are all offered, making electric cars a viable option for everyone.

Range anxiety can be concern for the average buyer, but with over 890 charging stations in Quebec alone, and growing by the day, those concerns are becoming less and less of an obstacle.

Hyundai is a market leader in brand loyalty and now has the Kona in electric only. With 380 kilometers of range, the average commuter would only need to charge once a week. With the base Kona starting well under 30 thousand, the electric version will certainly be a deal. If you want a sports car, and have a few million dollars to spare, the Rimac C Two has you covered with 650 kilometers of range and 1,900 horsepower.

Although driving a longer distance is possible with a purely electric car, charging can be difficult the farther you get away from populated areas. That’s where the plug-in hybrid comes in. Unlimited range with the addition of a gasoline engine, and the ability to use the car electric only for shorter trips.

Mini has an all wheel drive plug in hybrid for 2019 that performs in the snow, which would make is an excellent addition to any Quebec garage. The blend of performance and efficiency makes it fun to drive as well. Honda offers the Clarity plug in hybrid. With 75 kilometers of electric range, a diminutive 26 liter fuel tank for extended range, and 5.6l per 100k in hybrid mode, it certainly keeps money in your pocket.

The range on electric cars can sometimes be optimistic, as so many factors we take for granted, like the cold, will certainly affect the total kilometers travelled in a negative way. As battery technology continues to improve, and inefficiencies overcome by creative and unique solutions, the electric car is now an option that shouldn’t be overlooked.

If you are in the area, the New York International Auto Show is a fantastic place to explore both electric and hybrid vehicles. All major manufacturers have their cars on display in a non sales setting.

The New York International Show is taking place at the Javitz Center in NYC until April 8th.


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