End of Quebec school strip-search saga

End of Quebec school strip-search saga

Quebec City (Quebec) 15 May 2015 – Ever since the recent indicent where a girl was strip-searched at a local Quebec City high school, the case has been before the courts and before the legislature. It is important to note that the incident was somewhat blown out of proportion by the media and by the victim. The girl was never stripped completely naked and she was hidden from the school authorities (females) by a screen and a blanket.

Those facts aside, the story still received national coverage and the government and police were called upon to take some kind of action to remedy the situation for future cases.

The girl was searched because the school thought she may have been carrying drugs on her person; she was not.
The concern was whether or not school authorities should have the right to strip search any student under similar circumstances. When the incident took place the then Minister of Education, Yves Bolduc suggested that yes the schools could search students as long as it was under controlled conditions, at the same time he launched an inquiry and subsequent report on the practice.

M. Bolduc is no longer the Education minister and his replacement, François Blais announced this week that the practice of searching students will, in the future, be carried out by police and police only.

With the help of the lawyer Fabienne Bouchard the government drew up that report and from now on, any school that suspects a student of any wrong doing will have to communicate the situation to local law enforcement and leave any searching up to those professionals.

The report goes on to say that under no circumstances will any school authority have the right to search a student for any reason.

Lawyer Bouchard also suggested that school personnel should be briefed on such matters on an annual basis.

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