Energy East Pipeline Criticised by NDP for Unilingual English Documents

Energy East Pipeline Criticised by NDP for Unilingual English Documents

Ottawa (Ontario) January 13, 2015 – The National Energy Board (NEB) is drawing political criticism from the NDP, for failing to make available critical documents relating to the Energy East project in French.  NDP Francophone critic Pierre Dionne Labelle, MP for Rivière-du-Nord, has called on TransCanada to make the documents available in French.  “In addition to whether or not the NEB has an obligation to translate these documents under the Official Languages Act, we must also address the larger issue of holding inclusive, democratic consultation processes – which is clearly not the case if Francophones are being excluded,” says M. Labelle.  He calls on TransCanada to provide a French version of all these documents.

M. Labelle and the NDP fear the Francophone communities along the Energy East corridor, which includes Northern Ontario, Québec, and New Brunswick, will not be able to be as well-informed and represented at the hearings on the proposed pipeline.  “The 30,000 pages of documents contain highly complex technical information and it’s the federal government’s responsibility to ensure that all citizens have an equal opportunity to voice their opinion on this project,” continues M. Labelle.

The NDP already sent an official complaint to the Commissioner of Official Languages regarding the unilingual documents submitted by TransCanada to the National Energy Board (NEB). The Commissioner’s investigation is still underway and he has not yet announced his decision.

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