Engineer who threated to blow up colleagues in court

Engineer who threated to blow up colleagues in court

Quebec City (Quebec) 26 March 2015 – François Daigle, a 37 year old engineer who had plans to blow up his office and some of its employees has been officially charged with making threats and having illegal explosives in his possession.

Back in 2010, M. Daigle was worried his job was in jeopardy when his firm, Coulombe, Juneau et Associés seemed to be excluding him from certain contracts and or projects. He felt so strongly about the matter that he started cheating on his time sheets and involvement in the company; an abnormality which his boss soon uncovered. At this point M. Daigle started having deep retaliation theories and procured some explosive products like, ammonium nitrate, caustic soda, and some sulfuric and hydrochloric acids.

Ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel were the ingredients used in the Oklahoma bombings.

The accused had become somewhat paranoid imagining that his firm was ready to go to the point of having him barred from his professional association.

It was also discovered by Judge Marie-Claude Gilbert, that M. Daigle had written the acronym DMDT (Dead men don’t talk) on some documents he had in his briefcase.

The crown wants a sentence of four years, but, the defence claims there is no specific sentence for the crimes involved. The judge on the other hand wants M. Daigle to be incarcerated, as she feels he may still be a threat to certain individuals.

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