English Speakers Wanted in Quebec City

English Speakers Wanted in Quebec City

Cinegraphe Productions, a local movie production company, are looking for 3 women screeners to screen an English-language feature comedy film  for cinema release produced in Quebec City.

 My Best Friend’s Deception is a comedy destined mainly for a female audience. 

The screening will be Saturday morning, October 2, 2010. 

The requirements of screeners are:

– English language must be mother tongue;
– English-language literary and/or film savvy;
– Must have a critical or discerning view.

Cinegraf Productions will collect your comments on the film and use them to help fine-tune the edit of the movie and the trailer. 

The screening and meeting takes about a max. of 4 hours.
And here’s the best bit, they are going to pay you to watch a movie!!!!

For further details please visit English Movie Screener.

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