Environmental Group’s Signs Appear in Québec and Montréal

Environmental Group’s Signs Appear in Québec and Montréal

Quebec City (Quebec) 13 September 2015 – New signs have appeared in Limoilou in Québec City and Ahuntsic in Montréal, but they are not in support of candidates or parties.  The signs, from a group called “Mobilisation environnement Québec”, are not openly supporting any party or candidate, but merely invite citizens to consider each party’s environmental platform when decide for whom to cast their ballots.

Équiterre, an environmental group behind the signs, states that their message is meant to be non-partisan.  All parties’ platforms mention the environment, according to Équiterre director Steven Guilbeault, and so the issue of the environment is one which touches all candidates.  The signs themselves feature images of belugas, pipelines, and train tankers.

Both ridings where the signs are posted have incumbent New Democrat MPs,  but Équiterre points out this is just a matter of chance.  The signs have been posted in proximity to the organisation’s offices, which just happen to be in ridings currently represented by New Democrats.

The signs are a break from the current trend in non-profit involvement in the political discussion.  Environmental groups have become more reticent to participate in the electoral discussion.  Electoral laws over permitted expenses and advertising are complex and in recent years some organisations report anecdotal links between electoral activity and subsequent audits.  Équiterre therefore insists that its advertising is non-partisan and simply aims to encourage the public to consider the environment when voting.

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