Equipe Labeaume’s general director accused of illegal fund raising

Equipe Labeaume’s general director accused of illegal fund raising

Main pic: Quebec City’s mayor Régis Labeaume during a conference at the Cégep Limoilou. Photo credit: Antoine Letarte.

Quebec City (Quebec) 7 October 2015 – Mayor Labeaume’s political team, known as Equipe Labeaume is being investigated by the Directeur des Elections du Québec, (Quebec’s election watchdog) for having collected funds illegally under the elections act.

Ronald Gagnon, the now general director of Equipe Labeaume apparently collected funds for the party during the campaign in 2010 when he was not officially part of the team.

The money was collected and then handed over to Equipe Labeaume during the municipal campaign.

The money was collected from a M. Alain Roy who is the vice president of Pomerleau, the same company that obtained the contract to build the new hockey arena in Quebec City.

When the Soleil newspaper spoke to M. Roy, he denied any connection to the case and simply said “it wasn’t me”.

Since the story became public neither M. Roy, M. Gagnon, nor M. Labeaume has been available to discuss the matter.

The Directeur des elections du Quebec, has claimed a total of $5514 to be paid as a reimbursement of the funds including a fine of $500 to both Roy and Gagnon.

Yesterday M. Gagnon said it was simply and oversight on his part and he didn’t realize he had to sign a certain document in order to be an official member of Equipe Labeaume in order to collect funds for the party.

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