Evening Espresso – Part One

Evening Espresso – Part One

Here’s the first instalment of ‘Evening Espresso’ a short story by Jason Ellis:

One rainy evening, inside the coziness of a small restaurant on a quaint little street, a man was sitting inside enjoying an evening espresso and reading his book.

The restaurant was nearly empty, with the only sounds being that of back-store employees washing dirty plates and rain pecking the windows outside.

There was also a little old lady who treated the restaurant as her living room for she fell asleep with her cold tea next to her. The man had just finished another long day at the office and this was his way of relaxing – the stress of his day swirled into the evening breeze and was washed away by the warm summer’s night rain.

The man had just cut a deal with a young real estate agent and ended up probably making more money than he should have. He was just sitting their, proud of his business actions when the waiter came over to ask him if he wanted anything else. The man said, “No thank you sir, just the bill please.” “Right then”, said the waiter who was kind enough to fill up the man’s coffee one last time while he went to get the bill.

Just after the waiter left, a young teenager who looked as if the sidewalk was his bedroom walked into the restaurant. He approached the man. Startling him, the teenager asked if he had any change so he and his family could go eat something. The man, interrupting him before he could even finish his sentence, said “No, go away”, and turned back to his book and espresso.

The man clearly gave the impression he wanted nothing to do with the teenager and his harmless request. The sound however the teenager made in entering the restaurant awoke the old lady in the corner and even with her bad eyes, she could sense what was going on.

On awakening, she looked over to make sure nobody stole her purse and took a sip of her cold tea. Just as the teenager was leaving the restaurant with his head down, wondering how he was going to get food for himself and his family, the old lady sprung back to life. She jumped from her seat, almost knocking her tea over and started asking the teenager if there was something wrong. The teenager just shrugged and walked slowly away, but before he could make it to the door, the old lady handed him some change, an official document of some sort and even a muffin.

The muffin looked as if it was as old as she, but he took it and happily walked away into the rain, which started falling with even greater intensity. Not caring about the rain, the teenager put the document into a safe place so as not to get it wet and started walking briskly back to the church where he lived with his Mum and two sisters.

Returning to her place, the old lady fell happily asleep in her corner of the restaurant. A few minutes later, the waiter came over to the man, with a bill in hand. “Here you go sir, thank you for your business and please, take your time”, said the waiter to the man. The man looked up and smiled, but only for a second, for he then started squirming around in his seat, as if he was looking for something.

He was looking for his wallet. Where had his wallet gone? Had he lost it? Realizing that he could not pay for his coffee, he panicked. He sat there, agitated and in dismay.

The man usually never lost his stuff. Why this time? Now he was clearly in trouble. He looked in all his pockets, from his suit pants to his overcoat, which had numerous different sections of pockets. He checked all of them. No wallet was found anywhere. The man was broke.

… to be continued.

Evening Espresso – Part Two

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