Evening Espresso – Part Three

Evening Espresso – Part Three


by Jason Ellis

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A few minutes later, the waiter walked over and kindly asked the man he pay for his bill, for the restaurant was now officially closed.
The waiter, not quite understanding the old man, said to him, “there is a 24/hour restaurant not too far from here.” The man had no response.

Instead, he himself turned into a child and started crying. He cried on the letter of the teenager he had ignored. The old lady had awaken to the man’s crying and, without making a peep, she gave him some money, and a muffin. The muffin was old and rotten, but the man hugged the old lady with happiness as the confused waiter walked away with a paid bill.

The next day, the man went back to that coffee shop for his morning coffee before work. He walked in and in the corner the old lady had been resting the night before was now empty. Few people were in the restaurant as it was 6 am in the morning. The sun was just starting to peek its way through the restaurants’ windows and he decided that, instead of going straight to work, he was going to sit down in that corner where the old lady was.

He sat there and thought – he thought about what happened the night before. He started to reflect on his job, his decisions and what he was doing to people. Nobody knew but he made a decision at that moment. He thought about the vanished old lady and the teenager from the church.

Taking one last sip of his coffee before starting his day, the old man went outside and instead of taking his usual direction for work, he walked as if he was looking for someone. He was looking for that teenager he had ignored. He was walking with purpose – his purpose being to apologize to that teenager for ignoring him. He walked up and down the street. Getting nervous yet forgetting he had to go to work, he continued walking up and down the street. Something was pushing him forward. Turning the corner onto a local side street, he saw a teenager with ragged clothes. The teenager was holding a little girl in his hands. The girl was sick and weak. The man asked what was the matter. The teenager said, “ “Please sir, can you help get my sister to the hospital? She is not feeling well and I don’t know what is wrong.” The man, without hesitation, took out his wallet, hailed a taxi on the street and, taking the little girl in his arms, helped them into the taxi. His wallet was full of money and credit cards. He gave the teenager a handful of bills and a little note.

The taxi driver drove as quickly as possible to the hospital before the morning traffic got the best of them. They drove and drove. Upon their arrival to the city’s main hospital, the teenager ran in with his sisters and in they went.

The End.

Jason Ellis is a resident of Quebec City and a student at Champlain-St.Lawrence College.

Everyone at LifeinQuebec.com would like to thank Jason for submitting this short story to us.
If you’re local to Quebec City and or surrounding areas and would like to write, please get in touch and we’ll take it from there.

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