Evening Espresso – Part Two

Evening Espresso – Part Two

Here’s the second instalment of ‘Evening Espresso’ a short story by Jason Ellis.

Evening Espresso – Part One


Just then, the waiter came over and asked the old man if he was ready to pay. The old man, not knowing how to respond, said, “Uh, I’d actually like another coffee if that’s ok with you. Quite a long day at the office requires more coffee”, he gasped to the waiter. The waiter said, “all righty then, no problem sir – we’re just making a fresh pot now.” The man then looked up as if he saw the Queen. He stared into the air, wondering exactly what he was going to do. The waiter tried to get his attention again, “sir, sir”, said the waiter. Uh yes, I’m here!” responded the man. He then noticed there was a letter of some sort on the seat, close to where the teenager was standing before. The waiter asked if the old man would like a desert to go with his coffee… it was a specialty of the restaurant and a limited time offer. It was only $5,99.  “Uh yeah, sure why not?”, said the old man with pride. The waiter came back with another double-espresso and a desert – a chocolate pie of some sort. The old man finished that espresso, and then decided to order another one, this time with a shot of Bailey’s in it. He said to the waiter, “a nice way to end this beautiful evening… with some Bailey’s.” The waiter, now simply wanting to get rid of the old man, said “alright sir, no problem. But we’ll be closing in about half an hour.” The man, having already drank 6 coffees, asked if he could use the bathroom.

As he was getting up, his ears clearly heard that the old lady sitting in the corner had fallen fast asleep. Her day was over. Her tea was finished. Her purse was sitting right beside her. The man, who saw a bigger priority than using the bathroom at that moment, had a spark light up in his head. Perhaps he could pay for his coffee after all. He crept over slowly to the corner, where the old lady’s purse was. He looked in and saw countless packs of Euros and numerous 100$ bills. The old man, who had already drank one too many shots of Bailey’s – truly thought that she WAS the Queen. What shall he do? The old lady then moved a little in her seat as thunder was heard from outside. The rain was getting worse and the teenager ran back and fourth outside the restaurant, trying to hunt down a taxi or a car for a hitch-hike home to the church, where he supported his mother and two sisters. The man, who couldn’t decide whether to go to the washroom or steal some money from the old lady to pay for his coffees, saw that the teenager was outside. The teenager then looked into the window of the restaurant and saw his letter he dropped. He ran back to the door, but the restaurant was already closed. Only customers inside could get out. The teenager’s letter was gone – in the hands of the man. Instead of taking any money from the old lady, he picked up the letter and started reading:

Dear Mom,

I am going to live out on the street. I can see that you simply cannot support all of us. I know it’s not fair and not what you want, but since I am the oldest, I feel the only way my two little sisters are going to grow up is if I leave – and that way you won’t have to support or give me clothes anymore. The streets are nice, and I promise I won’t get involved in any drugs or anything like that.

One day, we’ll meet again, hopefully in different circumstances. With Love. Trevor

The man’s heart, which was no longer filled with Bailey’e espresso, was now full of regret; regret for how he had treated the teenager when all he wanted was some change. The man just sat there and looked into the still air that almost sat motionless in the restaurant. He didn’t know what to do. He had passed his life making deals with people in which he came out the winner, economically. Beside him was a bill for numerous coffees, two Bailey’s and a chocolate pie. The only material object the man possessed was this letter from the teenager.

to be continued.

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