Everything about sex to be taught in Quebec schools

Everything about sex to be taught in Quebec schools

Quebec City (Quebec) 16 June 2015 – The ministry of education of Quebec has decided to tackle the problem of sexuality and all its complexity and start teaching about it in their schools. Back in 2005 the ministry took the decision to drop the then unpopular teaching of the birds and the bees, which was included in certain sociology courses, and leave it up to the parents to handle it.

Now, says Julie Pelletier the person responsible for sex education at the ministry, the time has come to reorient our vision and start informing the young about sex and sexuality, especially in today’s world of sexting, pornography and homosexuality. The program will be on a two year trial basis and will be designated to approximately 15 different schools throughout the province.

Everything from, puberty, sexual relations (homo or hetero) and where babies come from is going to be taken seriously and be part of the pilot project. Even love itself will be part of the discussions to explain why there are divorces and separations and why some children live with only one parent. Unlike Ontario, where the introduction of sex education was protested against by parents, Mme Pelletier thinks Quebecers are ready for such teachings and thinks the transition will be smooth and readily accepted.

Starting in grade 3, children will be taught about the basics and how to deal with it and in high school the dangers of sexting and pornography in accordance with the internet will be at the forefront.

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