Ex-police chief going after the province for $1.8 million

Ex-police chief going after the province for $1.8 million

Lévis (Quebec) 20 April 2015 – Back in 2010, the then police chief for the city of Lévis, Jean François Roy, was caught driving under the influence of alcohol while driving on highway 73 in Quebec City. He failed three different breathalyser tests and was found to have an alcohol level of 0.17 at the time he was pulled over by the Quebec City police officers.

Since then M. Roy has been battling with the courts to at least try to save his job and to have the accusations against him thrown out. His defence claims there were mistakes made during the alcohol tests and that the results were not conclusive without a reasonable doubt. M. Roy was suspended from his job immediately and relieved of his duties as police chief a year later.

The accused has taken it upon himself to sue the City of Quebec, since they were the ones who arrested him, and the Crown attorney of Quebec for having treated him unfairly and for causing his reputation to be ruined, for losing his job and to compensate for the loss of his pension. M. Roy had planned on retiring in 2020.

The breakdown of his lawsuit includes a loss of salary since 2011 of $1,243,715, lost pension money up to $402,295, the loss of a personal use vehicle of $62,400, moral damages of $125,000 and the cost of his out of court expenses at $75,517 making a total of $1,793,465.

M. Roy has had to sell all his belongings, including his house, his second residence, and a plot of land he had to pay for his defence lawyers. He has not been able to be re-employed ever since his arrest.

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