Exciting Travel Writing Opportunity in Quebec City

Exciting Travel Writing Opportunity in Quebec City

Dear All,

The editor of Fodor’s travel guides has been in touch and would like to speak to someone about the following:

I edit the Fodor’s guidebook to Montreal and Quebec City and am in the process of preparing for our next update.http://www.fodors.com/.

I’m looking to hire an in-the-know, English-speaking Quebec City-based writer to update the Quebec City section of our guidebook, and I came across your Web site as a source of English language news stories.

Do you have any reporters/writers who would like to apply for the updating position?

The assignment involves updating our information on Quebec City’s sights, shops, nightlife, restaurants, hotels, and travel basics.

 The writer will be required to make in-person visits and phone calls to fact-check all existing information, update anything that’s incorrect or out of date, replace reviews of properties that have closed or declined in quality, and write reviews of new sights/restaurants/hotels, etc. We do allow our writers to go on press visits and accept complimentary lodging.

For more information on Fodor’s, please visit

If you are interested in this opportunity, please send your resume along with three current writing clips (travel-related clips are preferred).Interested?
Have a look at the Quebec City English Jobs section and apply.

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