Expo Québec Back to a Winning Recipe

Expo Québec Back to a Winning Recipe

Quebec City (Quebec) 9 August 2015 – Sound values ​​and programming that casts a wide net: Expo Québec is back at the base this summer after it tried to take a turn that has not worked. The head of programming, Vincent Beaulieu, says they have simply listened to the people.

“We had to bring the party to the people, he says. We wanted to do something for a big audience so that everyone found something there. There are different styles that are covered, but there are still popular staples.”

Vincent Beaulieu also thought of everyone, including older generations who will be happy with throwbacks to the wonder years.

“Wyclef, Sum 41 and Hedley are fetching another public also. We also wanted to put Québec groups in the first part. It was very important for us to highlight emerging artists.”

He also followed the trend of the Festival d’Été and Festivent by adding an electro evening to the programming. Is the movement that big?

“Totally,” spontaneously said Vincent Beaulieu.  “Again, the Expo Québec fans have asked for it, so it was important for me to acquiesce in that sense.”

Finally, the exercise aims to broaden the audience. After more difficult times, including last year when the crowds were simply not at the rendezvous, Vincent Beaulieu wants to keep this formula all about the public.

“We want there to be people. And the Expo, in contrast to various festivals in Québec, we must go there. In the sense that we do not necessarily think. It takes other activities that are interesting, but also shows that encourage people to show up.”

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