Expo Québec: Uncertain Crowds

Expo Québec: Uncertain Crowds

Quebec City (Quebec) 22 August 2015 – City Hall and ExpoCité merchants are reportedly giving very different accounts of the crowd sizes at this year’s Expo fair.

City officials Mayor Régis Labeaume and Councillor Vincent Dufresne have been giving largely positive appraisals of this year’s crowd turnout.  Councillor Dufresne has noted that he’s received extremely positive responses from fair-goers, and that the Expo’s return to a pay-as-you-go method has produced the positive results the city was looking for.

Merchants and games operators, on the other hand, are giving a very different story.  Several have claimed they’ve been seeing more pavement than people, and that Québec’s population simply isn’t turning up in the numbers they had in the past.  Merchants with their wares on display have likened the floors to bowling alleys – empty.

The Expo is on shaky ground following important deficits and failures to attract crowds in previous years.  These difficulties have prompted the city to take a more grassroots-based approach to the Expo, sticking to the tried-and-true formula that worked in the past.  The final size of the crowds remains to be seen.

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