Extra costs for new Quebec arena

Extra costs for new Quebec arena

Quebec City (Quebec) 27 January 2015 – The construction of the new amphitheatre is moving along as scheduled and as it should be but, a sudden extra cost in administration and management of the construction site has increased the operation by an added $3 million.

The initial cost brought forward by WSP (formally Genivar) was to be $7.2 million until construction was complete but , changes and modifications to the surrounding grounds and infrastructures have forced the management company to charge an extra $3 million in total bringing the final amount, so far, to $9.5 million.

The mayor of Quebec City has signed off on the extra costs explaining that in the total amount allocated for the construction of the building there was always a cushion amount for such emergencies.

This week, the city just signed another $552,000 over to the administration for the purchase of security equipment and technological apparatus to be installed bringing the total extra expenditures to $10.1 million.

According to the city fathers however, there is no need for panic or cries of mismanagement, because so far the extra costs are far below what the expected predictions were and fall easily into the maximum of $400 million which was originally forecast for the construction of the arena.

Unfortunately for the region’s hockey fans, the new building in Quebec City may not be hosting a NHL team for years to come, as was posted in yesterday’s LifeinQuebec.com.

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