Extreme Skier Dies in Avalanche in Chile

Extreme Skier Dies in Avalanche in Chile

Quebec City (Quebec) October 1, 2014 – J.P. Auclair, a freestyle skier from Cap-Rouge, was in the Patagonia area of Chile examining a site to turn a documentary film when he and a Swedish skier were caught in an avalanche of snow and rock.

Two other members of the film crew were lucky enough to be saved by rescue teams. M. Auclair’s body was seen from a helicopter out looking for the two skiers in hopes that they would still be alive.

J.P. Auclair was known throughout the world of skiing as a daredevil off trail skier and had made several films about adventure skiing. M. Auclair was not skiing at the time but was out walking with the team to map out a filming location to make a new documentary on the sport.

M. Auclair, a businessman, helped start Alpine Initiatives Foundation, dedicated to the promotion of freestyle skiing and its social solidarity program financed through the skiing industry. He also helped start the company who makes Armada skis, a company who has revolutionized the design of skis by having both ends round known as “twin tips”. He was also recognized by National Geographic Magazine as one of the world’s top adventurers of 2014.

The bodies will be sent to Argentina for autopsies and then returned to their respective countries as soon as possible.

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