Fake US$100 used to fund drugs

Fake US$100 used to fund drugs

8 November 2016 – A 20-year-old man was sentenced Friday to a prison sentence of six months after he bought and used fake US $ 100 bills to “pay for his drugs” and “help his family.”

Carl Truchon, at the end of the summer, had the very bad idea to order online, for the sum of $ 70, twenty-five fake hundred dollar US bills.

This idea has earned him accusations of possession and use of counterfeit money and fake $ 100 bills, charges that were laid after Truchon had committed the wrongdoing, on October 6, of breaking the glass window of a building with a brick.

According to the evidence, of the twenty-five fake $100 bills that he had obtained for $70, Truchon gave five to his brother, also accused in the case, and five to Genevieve Desmeules-Villeneuve who also pleaded guilty to the same charges and will return to court in December for sentencing. Truchon would have sold five and kept ten for himself.

Although the defense has asked the court to impose a 45 day sentence to the young man (which would be equivalent to the amount of time done by Truchon, who has been detained since his arrest), the presiding judge, Bernard Lemieux, has opted for the six month sentence, suggested by the prosecutor, Me Guillaume Michaud.

“Today, with the internet, it is easy to get your hands on counterfeit money, and if the crime is successful, it can be very lucrative for the criminal and very penalizing to the merchant,” he noted, citing a colleague.

The recent criminal history of the young man also played a part in the decision of the magistrate. Last January, Truchon was found guilty of two robberies, both amounting to less than $5000 in damages.

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