Updated: Family of Montreal woman killed by dog suing canine’s owner

Updated: Family of Montreal woman killed by dog suing canine’s owner

MONTREAL — The family of a woman who died after being attacked by a dog says it plans to sue the canine’s owner.

Lise Vadnais, whose sister Christiane died in her backyard last June, says the family made the decision after the Crown decided to not lay criminal charges against Franklin Junior Frontal.

Vadnais said in various interviews Thursday it doesn’t make sense that Frontal didn’t even get a fine or have to do community work.

“At the moment, nothing has happened to this owner,” she told Montreal radio station FM 98,5. “We lost our sister in absolutely tragic circumstances and there continues to be victims of pit bulls without there being any consequences. We can’t accept that.”

The family has sent Frontal’s lawyer a letter outlining its intention to file a civil suit.

Police originally said the dog was a pit bull, an assertion that was later challenged.

But Montreal La Presse reported Thursday two veterinarians at Universite de Montreal have concluded the dog was a healthy pit bull.

Montreal adopted a bylaw last year banning pit bulls on its territory but that legislation is being challenged in court by the local SPCA.

The City of Montreal did successfully appeal a lower court ruling that had suspended portions of the bylaw pertaining to the dogs

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