Father’s Day – Do Something Extra Special for Dad

Father’s Day – Do Something Extra Special for Dad

By Sophie Martini

Having a hard time finding something special to give dad this year for Father’s Day? Find inspiration by taking a look at the following gift ideas that are sure to please the man you call Dad and make his day extra special.

1st Idea – Rent him a luxury car for a day

No more snow means actually enjoying going out for a car ride.

There are many different companies that rent out specialty cars. A quick Google search should give you a few leads but to help you out follow these links for Québec and Montréal.

Think of what would really please HIM (and no not yourself). Would Dad enjoy classy comfort (Lexus, Mercedes-Benz)? Is he the rugged adventure type (Jeep Wrangler, Hummer)? Would he feel like a million bucks in a pickup or large SUV (Cadillac Escalade, Ford Super Duty)? Does he enjoy the Purr of an exotic engine (Ferrari, Porsche)?

The key to success lies in getting your mother involved. She will help you pick a date and will make sure he doesn’t catch on until the last second.

2nd Idea – Invite him to the steakhouse

Dad’s been watching his line and cholesterol and you know he’s been dreaming of that big slab of quality charcoal for a while. Barbecue season is making his life even harder and your Mom’s been real good about making sure he doesn’t cheat?

Thus, it’s your responsibility as a loving child to give your Dad a treat away from Mom’s watchful eyes and into that famous steakhouse everyone’s been talking about.

No worries, there’s nothing wrong with cheating if it’s really exceptional.

Going to the steakhouse with Dad also means you get to spend some quality one-on-one time which you’re both sure to appreciate. There’s nothing like bonding over full bellies and groaning belts. He’ll have a great time and will boast to his friends about it every time the opportunity comes up.

Tip: Invite him over lunch time and reserve ahead of time! You’ll have more time to relax after lunch (and digest!) and it’ll also be much quieter than during the supper rush. Also, the simple act of reserving a table ahead of time will show him you really planned this and wanted it to happen making it that much more special.


Shorthand for “You’re the best, Dad.”

3rd – Offer him that great bottle

So Dad’s a scotch lover? Offer him a good bottle that’s been recommended by enthusiasts (you might want to check out the Québec Whisky Club’s website for ideas.

He’s more of a wine guy? Go to your local SAQ and ask for advice on a really good bottle you could offer him.

If you’re on a tight budget you might want to go ahead and invite him to a drink on you. Think of a place where he’ll be comfortable catching up with you around a glass of his favourite scotch, wine, cognac, etc. Don’t worry about prices from one place to the next – a glass of scotch at the Chateau Frontenac will cost you about the same thing as at the downtown pub.

The Ms Martini touch

You and dad are both wine/liquor enthusiasts but have never taken the time to really develop your common interest? Sign yourself and dad up to one of the many classes offered by the SAQ. They are usually in the evenings and are open to everyone.

You might also want to check out a local enthusiast club and invite dad to a meeting or two. It’s a great way to spend quality time together while meeting fellow enthusiasts. Dad’ll be happy to share a common interest with you and you’ll probably learn a few things about yourself but more importantly about him you wouldn’t have expected to along the way.


Sophie Martini is from Quebec City. Her blog, MsMartini.com, is a collection of unique and inspiring ideas to transform everyday moments into unforgettable occasions. She understands the value of simple, thought-out and high-impact details and suggests ways of integrating them realistically into a busy life schedule. Ms Martini’s specialty is finding simple ways of surprising our entourage with class and in good taste.


DEJO-Ross-Murray-CoverOn top of these brilliant ideas, if you’re still looking for a present for a Dad with a sense of humour who appreciates a good laugh, might we suggest a copy of Ross Murray’s “Don’t Everyone Jump at Once”?  Murray’s rantings of a family man’s life are sure to get a chuckle out of Dads everywhere.  Available in stores and online now!

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