Federal money coming to Quebec for the Rendez-vous Naval 2017

Federal money coming to Quebec for the Rendez-vous Naval 2017

Quebec City (Quebec) 23 April 2015 – Quebec City got some good news from the recent Federal budget that has Mayor Labeaume smiling once again. The city has planned a gathering of naval ships and boats from around the world to celebrate Canada’s 150 years of confederation in 2017 but, there was always a question of money and where it would come from. It now appears that money will come from the federal coffers since Finance Minister Joe Oliver mentioned the event in his budget presentation of this week.

M. Oliver outlined that $210 million dollars will be set aside for the celebration ceremonies including the Rendez-vous Naval in Quebec City. The main event of the Rendez-vous is a sailboat race which would include six different Canadian cities, presumably, Charlottetown, Halifax, St. John’s, Quebec City, Montreal and Toronto with stopovers in other towns along the St. Lawrence River.

The race should include about 40 different sailboats from around the world and will be presented in accordance with Sail Training International who train and help young people become adept at sailing. The news about the financing comes at a good time because Quebec City had until April 29 to present its plan to Sail International. The organizer of the event, François Moreau, is happy that he finally has the financing to go ahead with his project.

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