Feeding empty stomachs for better results

Feeding empty stomachs for better results

Quebec City (Quebec) 28 October, 2014 – With all the bad things going on in the world today it is always nice to have a good story to relate every now and then and this would be one of those stories.

There is a camper that roams the city called “Le Marginal” which goes around to the poorer neighbourhoods in the city offering food, advice and support to those in need. The service is part of the charity organization known as St. Vincent de Paul who has been active in the city since forever.

Last week a motivational instructor at a school for dropouts returning to get a diploma had the idea of asking Le Marginal to pay a visit to the school as part of her motivational program. The children at “L’école Boudreau have a tough time making ends meet, most of whom are either living alone paying rent or surviving on next to nothing without help from the normal sources like parents.

The motivational instructor, Nathalie Lambert who had the idea, was very pleased with the first experience last Monday. The kids could enter the vehicle; get a hot bowl of soup, some advice and an ear to listen to their problems, plus a bag of snacks for the afternoon break.

The whole event was so successful that it will now be a regular feature on the third Monday of each month. The idea of bringing the service to the school was to also help the kids recognize that the camper exists and that they shouldn’t be shy to approach it when it is in other parts of the city.

Le Marginal offers free food and support to those in need through the St Vincent de Paul charity organization, and is a great help to those people who don’t have transportation or are not mobile enough to visit their distribution centre on a weekly basis.

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