Female educator in Quebec accused of luring 12 year old

Female educator in Quebec accused of luring 12 year old

Quebec City (Quebec) 29 May 2015 – A primary school after school educator (service de garde), Mélanie Roy, 36, has been accused of luring a 12-year old boy by using the internet and other communicative devices to enter into a relationship with her. There is talk that she has already entered into physical and sexual contact by herself and for herself with the child.

Mme Roy worked at the “La Farandole” school in Beauport where she has since been suspended. The news and suspicions were rampant at the beginning of the month of April and it has been discovered that the contacts with the child started on March 2. Mme Roy was suspended from her duties the minute the school became aware of the accusations in early April.

The accused was arrested and appeared in court yesterday the 28 of May. She has been released with extreme restrictions and will be under high surveillance until her hearing on August 26. She has been restricted from entering into any kind of communication with the boy, cannot approach the school or the boy’s house within 25 meters nor can she be seen in a playground where there are children under the age of 16.

The school board, Les Premieres Seigneuries, and the school staff have treated the matter very skillfully and reacted to the rumours and accusations in a rapid and professional fashion. A letter was recently distributed to all the parents of the school informing them of the suspension of Mme. Roy without giving the explicate reasons behind the actions in order to protect the accused and to not cause unnecessary panic among the school population.
Mme Roy had been working for the school board for 3 ½ years.

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