Fentanyl Abuse Hits Québec City

Fentanyl Abuse Hits Québec City


Quebec City (Quebec) 20 August 2015 – The use of fentanyl as a replacement for heroine is becoming a problem in the capital. As is the case throughout the country, the drug, which is normally administered intravenously for medical problems and severe pain, is causing severe overdosing and has even caused three deaths in the city in the last few months. Known on the street under different names like Apache, China Girl, Jackpot, Tango, or Cash (among others) and sold in the form of a little blue pill, the illegal drug has found its way into the heroin addict’s world and is causing dramatic problems for police and health administrators.

Local medical staff and organizations helping drug users in the city, have been noticing a rise in overdosing and severe drug abuse since March and are not surprised to discover that fentanyl is behind it.

The question of having controlled drug injection centres has once again come to the forefront because of the situation and the director of Point de repère (an addiction help center), Mario Gagnon, has asked the municipal health services (Centre de santé de la Capitale) if in the meantime his personnel can have the right to administer naloxone, another drug which counteracts the effects of fentanyl.

Most of the time the drug is mixed with others, like heroine or morphine and the user usually has no idea they are being exposed to fentanyl. Fentanyl is about ten times stronger than heroin or morphine.

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