FEQ50: Gorillaz on the Plains… and We Got to See Them

FEQ50: Gorillaz on the Plains… and We Got to See Them

Review by Nathalie Peron

Québec City (Québec) July 16th, 2017, Festival d’été de Québec, scène Bell – The case of Gorillaz, a virtual band, is an unusual one to explain because the band doesn’t exist. Well not for real, anyways. They exist as cartoon characters. So this being said, then, who plays the music? Who writes the songs? And who is it that showed up on stage last for an awesome performance on the Plains?

Damon Albarn, co-founder of the band, is its only permanent musical member but exploits the talent provided by many contributors and collaborators that constitutes the discography of the band. And, to the greatest delight of the fans, he’s the one who performed on stage, alongside collaborators, of course.

Seeing Albarn on stage is a veritable treat for the fans; usually, a Gorillaz performance consists of guest appearances and cartoon animation, or, if you will, videos of the band members.

Described as shy, Albarn doesn’t show up all that often on stage, or if he does, he’s covered up. I had the chance of standing in the crowd, right next to a die-hard fan who just couldn’t believe his luck. He was actually seeing the band for real. And people in the front rows got to touch part of the band when Albarn went for some love.

Gorillaz very recently undertook its Humanz Tour 2017 in support of its fifth studio album Humanz, released in April 2017 after a six-year hiatus. One of the first stops was here in Québec City where Albarn seemed to give his all, playing new (yet well appreciated) material such as Sex Murder Party, We Got the Power and Submission; this last one memorable because both collaborators for this song on the album – Kelela and Danny Brown – stayed after their respective opening acts and were present on stage for the song.

Older and much-loved material was there as well; On Melancholy Hill which hadn’t been played at its full version since 2010, 19/2000 and Clint Eastwood from their first album, DARE, Kids with Guns and Don’t Get Lost in Heaven from their second album, most of these fan favorites that were left for the encore.

The crowd even got treated to Stylo, featuring a video starring Bruce Willis (a collaborator in his own fashion).

All the ingredients were there for a stunning and successful concert.

These ingredients also include the opening acts, Kelela and Danny Brown, a natural fit and perfect appetizer for the main course.


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