FEQ50: Kendrick Lamar goes through the motions on the Plains of Abraham

FEQ50: Kendrick Lamar goes through the motions on the Plains of Abraham

Review by Andrew Greenfield

Friday, 7 July, Plains of Abraham, Quebec City.

“If you do not want to get involved, get out of here”
That was a sanitized version of the star rapper’s dig at the paying customers in the avant scene zone of the Plains of Abraham’s Festival d’été de Québec venue.

Kendrick Lamar however, did put on a pretty decent show when all said and done. The majority of the crowd in the general admission area (tens of thousands of them) seemed to think so, anyway.

There was a fairly lengthy pause during the performance caused by a computer glitch of some sort.

‘They’re trying to fuck up the show’, said Mr Lamar when he returned after the unexpected, and unwanted mini-blackout.

The early bursts of rain attempted to thin the crowd out before the show, but Mother Nature’s downpours did not do the trick.

The Californian did pull in a very healthy crowd. Bursting with energy, he launched into a few of his hits. DNA and Element kicking things off and sending the young audience into a complete frenzy.

King Kunta turned the crowd’s enthusiasm up a few notches.

Then followed his verbal attack on the avant scene section.
Unpleasant, uncalled for, and completely unnecessary.

That seemed to put a damper on things more so than the weather. At times it didn’t feel as if he was giving everything he’s got. As one of the genre’s big names, does this affect his standing in his fans’ eyes? Time will tell with record sales in Quebec confirming or otherwise.

The stage set up was minimalist at best. A couple of musicians hidden away at the rear in a corner and a bland backdrop.

We did get to see some of Lamar’s martial arts skills courtesy of a couple of videos.

The finale was a bit of a let down. A slower track that came to a close rather abruptly.

‘Quebec, I’ll be back’, said the rapper.

We’d love you to come back, but please bring a computer that works and a little less vitriol for certain sections containing paying customers.

Mr Lamar was a bit sweary.


1. DNA, 2. Element, 3. Buzzin’, 4. King Kunta, 5. Levitate, 6. Get Top On The Phone, 7. Collard Greens, 8. Swimming Pools, 9. Backseat Freestyle, 10. Nobody Praying, 11. Drones, Money Trees


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