Festibière to be Year-Round?

Festibière to be Year-Round?

A year-long Festibière, that is the event organizers’ plan who have seen a great start to this year’s edition in Quebec City.

If the Festibière’s two previous years were able to become an event with this much success, the 2012 presentation is more refined. The organizers (Evenmã) are glad to see enthusiastic people all weekend and plan to stretch the activities to other seasons, particularly winter.

 For now, it is only a project and nothing has been confirmed. The organization is juggling with the idea of year-long conferences and food tastings.

The organization wishes to stick to the tourism office’s action plan, which aims to attract more people in winter. Evenmã is already involved in this as they are also behind QuebecAdabra, Quebec’s winter event.

It is not yet possible to consider expanding into other regions of Quebec as Quebec City provides a huge audience for the event.

The popular event, growing year-on-year, has seen organizers do everything they can to avoid ticket problems this year.

The presale lasted eighteen months for those wishing to buy their tasting glasses early.

In an attempt to reduce waiting times, the number of on-site ticket sellers is also up for 2012.

This year, about sixty merchants are exhibiting their diverse range of products.

Of course, beer is the centre of all this with forty brewers and microbrewers on site. But there is also something to satisfy empty tummies, bison and duck meat fries, pancakes, cheeses, and sweets.

Two pubs are also open on the site, one offering microbrewery beers and the other promoting international flavours.

Countries represented include: Canada, United States, Germany, and Belgium.

To highlight the products on offer, many shows are taking place on the stages outside.

Blues and country music are key themes this year.

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