Festirail Back for Fifth Year

Festirail Back for Fifth Year

August 24 and 25 will see the fifth edition of the Festirail in Charny.

The organization in charge of the event added many activities to the program and they also decided to regroup all the activities on the same site, which will be the Les Etchemins high school (L’ESLÉ).

The activities were transferred there for two reasons. First, it is better for the organization and logistics of the event. Gathering all the activities for the Festirail was the best solution. Secondly, it is for the visitors. They wanted to greet more people and participants. The school has much place for such an event.

The school had already been used to host certain activities in the past. New elements were added to the 2013 edition. An animation period was created for Sunday afternoon. The Festirail will host many expositions to relate the place’s history. In addition to the new elements, many animations from the previous years that were strongly appreciated by the public will be back for the fifth edition. In the evening, a free show will begin at 7.30 pm with singer and impersonator Sylvain Desruisseaux performing.
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