Festival d’été de Québec – Plains of Abraham

Festival d’été de Québec – Plains of Abraham

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Festival d’été de Québec
The Plains of Abraham: a meeting of culture and nature

Quebec, July 2013 –On the 46th edition of the Quebec Summer Festival, the National Battlefields Commission is happy to participate in the organisation and the welcoming of thousands of festival goers during this far-reaching event. From next July 4 through 14, the Bell scene, a meeting place for music lovers, will liven up on the site for major events, behind the Discovery Pavilion of the Plains of Abraham.

Throughout the Festival, music enthusiasts will be welcomed on the country’s first national historic site to attend top quality performances in a totally unique environment. Quebec City’s rallying site par excellence, this vast outdoor amphitheatre is the perfect setting for the Festival, the most significant outdoor musical event in Canada.

In addition to being the region’s historic epicentre, the Plains of Abraham are known in artistic circles for another summer outdoor stage, the Edwin-Bélanger Bandstand. Thirty or so free performances will be offered until August 18, Thursday through Sunday. Because of the influx of visitors in town and to avoid overextending the cultural offering, the Bandstand will be off during the Festival d’été de Québec.

Suggestions during the Festival
Take advantage of your time on the Plains to sample the activities offered from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.:

At the Discovery Pavilion:
Odyssey Multimedia Exhibition – From the birth of the colony until the creation of the country, be a witness to the importance of the Plains of Abraham through 400 years of history. Attend amazing, lively multimedia presentations with great historical figures and admire a remarkable collection of uniforms related to the battles.

Martello Tower 4 – a look through the eyes of tomorrow’s architects – Through this mini-exhibition which is a part of the Odyssey exhibition, discover how future architects have revisited the vocation of Martello Tower 4: Hotel, diving centre, cafe lounge, bike stop… boundless imagination. Surprising, original, visionary. This project was carried out in the fall of 2012 by thirteen students from Workshop 3, Heritage Interpretation and Requalification, under the leadership of David Tajchman, architect and visiting professor, in collaboration with the École d’architecture de l’Université Laval.

Student Masterworks (5th edition) – This exhibition presents the creations of 200 students from five schools of the Commission scolaire de la Beauce-Etchemin (School Board). This collection includes over 160 reproductions of historical objects involving thousands of hours of work by these primary and secondary level students, with the support of thirteen teachers … impressive!

At Martello Tower 1:
Enter the remains of this remarkable defence work where, using a tablet (iPad), you will get to explore the history of the Quebec Martello towers, their military engineering, their architecture and the living conditions of the soldiers billeted in them. A unique, user-friendly virtual experience that lets you admire real-time historic animations superimposed on the tower’s scenery.

Discovery Pavilion of the Plains of Abraham
835, Wilfrid-Laurier Avenue, level 0, Quebec
Information: 418 649-6157

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