Festival d’Été Stage Under Construction

Festival d’Été Stage Under Construction

The construction of the biggest exterior aluminum mobile stage  ever conceived in North America, the one that will hold Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Tïesto, and Celine Dion, will start this Friday morning on the Plains of Abraham.

Conceived by the Quebec firm Unisson Structures after a request from the Festival d’été, the new stage will offer an extraordinary point of view. The structure – called the HI-Roof – sticks out with its dimensions: 224 feet wide, 86 high, and 109 feet of depth. The stage is 33% bigger than last year. It can also support 150,000 pounds in suspension which will allow it to have more lights, decor, and better sound.

Instead if an exterior scene, it can almost be called an exterior amphitheater. The company worked for the past five years to build the concept and it cost over $3 million to conceive the new stage. They had to ask engineers and artistic and technical directors what they wanted on an exterior stage. After the Groupe Berger’s bad luck (the crash of the Bluefest Ottawa stage during a Cheap Trick concert), the security is a primary preoccupation. Due to a new type of fabric created by the Unisson group, the Stage will be able to resist 120 km/h winds.

The construction of the stage will take eleven days and approximately 60 technicians. Fifteen 53 foot trucks are necessary for the transportation of the material from the Unisson factory in Saint-Roch-de-l’Achigan to Quebec. The HI-Roof will be inaugurated on June 23 for the national celebration where the Cowboys Fringants will have the chance to set foot on the stage.

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