Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France Celebrates Women for its 17th Edition

Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France Celebrates Women for its 17th Edition

fetes_nouvelle-franceAs the legend goes, the reason Québec City’s women are so comparatively beautiful to the rest of the world dates back to the Filles du Roy, when the King of France sent boatloads of young bachelorettes to New France in order to populate the colonies.  As the boats stopped in Québec first and the men had only a few days to pick a bride, all the prettiest girls were chosen here while the rest continued to sail downriver.  This influx of beautiful genetics to the area’s gene pool continues to produce women predisposed to natural beauty.

Regardless of the truth to that statement, one thing is certain – these and other women contributed much more than simple good looks to the life of New France.  These were hard-living, adventurous, and bold women, every bit as hardy and tough as their male counterparts.  This year’s Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France aims to highlight and celebrate these tough-as-nails women as the pioneers, scholars, traders, and saints they were.  The 17th annual festival will therefore fly under the banner of “To Our Heroines!”

Though the Fêtes had shrunk in previous years following hard times, it seems the organizers are pulling for a comeback, featuring activities returning to the beautiful courtyard of the Séminaire de Québec, as well as two other new sites at the Bassin Louise Naval Museum and, as appropriate for this year’s theme, the Ursulines convent gardens.  As usual, the Place Royale site will be making a return as the go-to spot for the best foods, wines, and beers that New France has to offer.  It probably also helps that the SAQ is the festival’s main sponsor – you know they won’t run dry.

Festival goers are, as always, encouraged to dress and immerse themselves in the life of inhabitants of New France.  However, the festival keeps up with the times, embracing social media to keep the 21st century habitant informed and involved.  The Fêtes’ Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook pages are all active and ready for the festival to begin.

The Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France itself begins August 7th with the arrival of the Filles du Roy at the Bassin Louise, and offers activities for all people of all ages through to August 11th.  Medallions needed to access the sites are on pre-sale now for the price of 8$.  For more information, visit the Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France website.

Whether you come for the history, food, the wine, or the family fun, this event is an annual can’t miss.  As for me, I’ll be there for the beautiful women.


Farnell Morisset, for LifeinQuebec.com


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