Fêtes de la Nouvelle France in Full Swing

Fêtes de la Nouvelle France in Full Swing

Quebec City (Quebec) August 9, 2014 – Now in its 14th year, the annual Fêtes de la Nouvelle France continues today and tomorrow with a weekend of activities for families, children, and adults.

The festival began on Wednesday, with the traditional Giants Parade, in which oversized figurines representing key figures and personified concepts of Québec’s New France period crossed through the streets of the historical district, accompanied by music, dancing, arts, and all manner of costumed extras and people from the crowd. Under the theme of “Builder’s Momentum”, this year’s Fêtes aims to celebrate the spirit, dedication, and ingenuity of the first Europeans to arrive in what is now Québec to build their homes into a thriving society.

For the last – and biggest – two days of the festival still left this weekend, a wide range of activities is available throughout the historical district’s lower town. Expect to see citizens dressed in colourful period styles encouraging you to have a great time, taste the wines, food, and other treats of the era, and push on to learn about New France’s history and people.

The festival has something to offer everyone, from family outings to traditional music shows later at night. A full schedule is available on the Fêtes de la Nouvelle France website.

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