Few Physicians Left in Lower Town

Few Physicians Left in Lower Town

Quebec City (Quebec) January 24, 2015 – This holiday season has been hard on those who need medical care in the Lower Town, especially in the Saint-Vallier sector.  Two physicians at the Saint-Vallier clinic retired over the holidays, leaving thousands of people without a family practitioner until replacements can be found.  Even worse, according to sources speaking to Le Soleil, half of the remaining 7 or 8 physicians working in the clinic are planning to leave before the end of March.

For those whose family practitioner is moving, patients are offered the chance to follow their physician to their new posting (wherever that may be).  However, for many in this impoverished sector of town, that simply isn’t possible, and they’ll be left without a regular medical practitioner.  Up to half of the 15000 patients served by the clinic may find themsleves looking for a new family doctor, which is a rough prospect.

The Health Agency says it is looking for solutions, but points out it is not within their power to forcefully assign new doctors to the area.

The problem is not confined to the Saint-Vallier clinic.  Several other health sectors in the area are also seeing their physicians leaving, with many of those who have not retired yet advancing in age.

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