Fillactive 5K Where Everyone’s a Winner

Fillactive 5K Where Everyone’s a Winner

They are dripping with sweat, have a red face, short breath, messed-up hair, and a proud smile. The 1,200 teens who participated, Tuesday, in the Fillactive 5 kilometre race, gave all they had.

That they reached the finish line in 20 minutes or in an hour and a half doesn’t matter. They did it and that is what counts. The ultimate effort is felt at the moment when they reach the line, they cheer for each other. They do this to get in shape. Girl teenagers are the group in Canada who are the furthest from the recommended level of physical activity of 60 minutes per day. Only 4% reach it, which is less than the boys with their 9%.

It is to encourage girls to move that Claudine Labelle created this Fillactive organization in 2007. The 31-year old woman is fit and she can barely be distinguished from the girls to which she gives medals.

At the age where the body changes, regrouping girls is a good idea. Far from all the boys, they dare to give all they have without being preoccupied of being judged. This 5 kilometre race was prepared in 8 weeks due to the three sessions totalling 90 minutes for the girls to participate in a training program adapted to their level. It was either beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

They also received counselling from a nutritionist and a kinesiologist, had yoga and zumba workshops, and met female athletes telling them the importance of integrating sports in their lives. They developed friendships and explored their capacities.

Three values support Fillactive: self-esteem, pleasure through physical activity, and healthy habits.

Tuesday, 23 schools from the Quebec region and the Mauricie participated to the activity which regrouped girls from secondary one to five. On Thursday, Montreal welcomed other teens but Fillactive goes on! Throughout the summer, the organization plans various outdoor activities always keeping in mind to have fun between girls.

Girls can also enter a fall camp or the Défi des neiges in winter.
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