Finding Your Style: Fashion Fun and Inspiration in Unexpected Places

Finding Your Style:  Fashion Fun and Inspiration in Unexpected Places

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Finding Your Style:  Fashion Fun and Inspiration in Unexpected Places

By Denise Jackson

Does the thought of fashion leave you filled with dread, wildly inspired or somewhere in between? Whether you like it or not, your sense of fashion says a lot about you. It shapes the impression others have of you, while expressing your personality. To get your creative juices flowing, let’s look in some places you may not have thought about when honing your style.

Film – Is there one film that blew you away and transported you into another realm? Take this year’s Academy Awards sensation La La Land. It’s a modern story with great dance numbers that channel Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. If you loved the film for the music, you probably also loved it for the fashion.

Throughout the film, Emma Stone wears jewel-toned dresses, which look good on almost every woman. Her yellow signature dress has influenced spring fashion. It should be easy to find your version of Emma’s looks.

“I do love the yellow dress, but I think that my very favourite dress, which has been a surprise for everybody, is the white dress that Emma wears in the Paris backdrop,” the film’s costume designer, Mary Zophres, told Entertainment Tonight. “It’s everything I wanted it to be. It sort of floats on air, and it makes me cry when I see that dress on film.”

Music – Adele, for example, is everywhere. She’s a young musician whose fashion sense complements her image. When I think of Adele, the mod look comes to mind, from her hairstyle to her eyeliner to her white patent boots. What a fun way to update your wardrobe.

Each fashion season takes inspiration from an era, and if you love 80s music, you’ll see its influence this year. The 80s drove this year’s trends on the runway with big shoulders, wide belts and oversized earrings. Play with this trend and add flair and fun to your nights out.

Art – Think about your favourite artists and what you like about their work. Frida Kahlo is inspiring for the beauty of her work and her feminist themes. She rose above her suffering, painting masterpieces from her hospital bed, and became a fashion icon in her own right. This year’s bold florals and colourful embroidery call to mind her artwork. You can find embroidered patterns this season at Mango, for example. They will transport you to Frida’s beloved Mexico, and enliven your wardrobe with a summery feel.

Colour – This season’s colour palettes are super-bright, which can add a lot of fun to your wardrobe. What’s your favorite colour? Whatever that may be, add a new piece in a bright shade. If you have an eye for colour, you can mix two unexpected and bold hues together –  a popular, daring look this season is sunset red and orange.

Don’t know where to start? How about starting with the Pantone colour of the year? This year, it’s “greenery,” a yellow-green hue inspired by nature. Be creative in incorporating this into your wardrobe. Pantone’s list also includes primrose yellow, the same yellow we saw on Emma Stone in La-La Land.

Patterns – The nautical and Parisian looks have been staples for generations. This season’s trend shows a new take on vertical stripes in the boldest of colours, putting a creative spin on a classic pattern.

Montreal and Québec are known for avant-garde designers, among whom Marie Saint-Pierre stands out. Her 2017 spring-summer LookBook features bold vertical stripes, a great choice if you want to be at the top of your fashion game. Freshen your wardrobe with this new take on a popular pattern.

Sports and Yoga – The newest and sexiest trend to incorporate into your wardrobe is known as “athleisure.” It’s not actually fair to call it a trend, as it’s a wardrobe staple that is here to stay. Business casual clothes are incorporating athletic-inspired materials favouring durability and comfort. A brilliant example is Québec company Second Clothing, with their signature line, Second Yoga Jeans. This is an elevated version of yoga pants meeting a stylish yet more comfortable version of jeans. Lululemon is another retailer that has become iconic with sleek and stylish yoga wear, not just for the yoga studio or gym but for every part of your day.

To find inspiration, think about some of your favorite things. Be moved by colours, textures and what you love. Adapt new trends to suit your style.



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